Brittany J. - Veteran Chalfonte Kid

"Every summer, since I was thirteen, I have been invited by a friend of mine to stay in an 1881 mansion in the village of Elk Rapids for a week. I was invited for away from my home and at that time a very ill and frail brother and parents who could not attend to me or my sister, forcing us to grow up and be independent, more independent than a child should be…

The house serves as a home to many troubled people in need of peace, it is home. I am not the only person who has stayed at the house, other girls my age were invited, I never met them prior to the first week I stayed at Chalfonte, we entered the week as strangers, and exited as best friends, as if we had known each other our entire lives…

I go to Chalfonte every June. The first day I am back each year I feel home, I greet my friends with much enthusiasm, the first thing we do is try and tell each other what we have experienced in the past year and catch each other up on the changes that have been made in our lives…

This June shall be the fifth anniversary of going to Chalfonte with my friends. Not much has changed, except that as people grow older they move on, some people do not come back, and each year there are more girls invited to the house.

The things that has seemed to change the most are the people who come to the house. We used to be so insecure about ourselves, now we are stronger, we are confident with the people we have become. Although we may only be like this for a single week, we know that we can always return back to the house and who we have become in it."

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Bethany A. - Veteran Chalfonte Kid

The place I call home... 

So there’s this place on the coast of lake MI, where we sing “On top of Blueberry Hill”, and believe in the fithabeast, celebrate weddings in basements, and set of fire alarms in the middle of the night, create mischievous plans (like sneaking brownies…. ;) and spoons IS THE GAME, where we live freely and bond like there’s no tomorrow, get excited when we hear the name “PUAL”, and giggle every time we hear the name “Piercey” Scream when we …well scream all the time ;) Check out the cuties on the beach…shhhhh on the DL, Bike the streets the minute the sun rises till the sun goes down, love to pull quick one’s while tubing and play gangster around the camp fire, this place where we talk about going back the second we leave…. Burn up on the dunes and race each other to the shower. A place where when we hear the “pure Michigan” commercial we instantly think ELK RAIPIDS. This place is where I call home!

BWT thank you everyone ..
my girls,Paul, Jimeyer, the Upsons,Mo,Blair, EVERYONE 
you ppl and this place helps make life worth living!!!



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