Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child qualifies for one of the programs with the Chalfonte Foundation? 
You and your child(ren) will be interviewed personally by the staff of Chalfonte.

Is the Chalfonte Foundation religious? If so, do I need to be a certain religion to participate? 
It is our belief that each person has a spiritual component, not necessarily a “religious” one.  The spiritual includes things like love, respect, compassion, etc...  These values are woven into the fabric of Chalfonte and Chalfonte activities. All religious traditions are both respected and celebrated.

What exactly happens at Chalfonte events? 
Participants should expect to be surprised and amazed at what happens during Chalfonte events. Be prepared to go from rookie to Veteran Chalfonte *Kid *regardless of your age. Your name will be inscribed on the “Tree of Life” in the Trophy Room at Chalfonte House and  that honor can NEVER be taken from you. We further promise that “What happens at Chalfonte, stays at Chalfonte” ---unless YOU as camper care to share. Parents/guardians will NOT HEAR IT FROM US!

How the heck old is Jimeyer, really? 
Jimeyer is 117 years old and don’t you forget it, you young whipper-snappers.

I’d like to get involved with the Chalfonte Foundation, what can I do? Who should I talk to? 
Contact us at the numbers provided.

I’m nervous about letting my child be away from home. How do I know they’ll be alright?
Though we do not allow visitation or phone contact with the campers while they are participating, this has rarely if ever been a problem and we have not lost a camper in our third of a century of tried-and-true programming. Our promise is that your child will return well-rounded with skills and experiences s/he would not have had otherwise. Please refer to the many testimonials of on this website. Personal contacts with other parents, care-givers or veteran campers on request.

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