Fr. Jim Meyer AKA Jimeyer


The Founder of The Chalfonte Foundation

James L Meyer, aka “Jimeyer” has undergraduate degrees from Sacred Heart Seminary College in Detroit and Catholic University of America, in Washington, D.C.. He has a Master’s in International Relations from Georgetown University Graduate School of Foreign Service and Government and a Juris Doctor from Detroit College of Law. On his last sabbatical, he took women’s studies courses at University of Detroit Mercy.

Rev. Meyer directed the Pastoral Care Department of Hutzel Hospital in the Detroit Medical Center for over a third of a century where his chosen specialties were gynecologic oncology, orthopedics, intensive care and biomedical ethics. At various times staff and/or volunteer chaplain at Children’s Hospital of Michigan and Harper Hospitals, he specialized in cystic fibrosis and intensive care.

Jimeyer has served on the boards of Michigan Pulmonary Disease Community, Inc. (MPDCI), Metropolitan Detroit Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit (CAID), Kensington Academy, Chateau Chantal Winery & Inn in Traverse City, Michigan and Mendoza, Argentina, as well as the Professional Advisory Committee of Karmanos Hospice Program and the Biomedical Ethics Committee of the Wayne County Medical Society (WCMS).

Fr. Meyer continues to work as a senior Roman Catholic priest. He has served in the Archdiocese of Detroit for 51 years as of June, 2011.  He is also an attorney and was a certified social worker, specializing in grief counseling, both licensed by the State of Michigan. Current activities include management of Chalfonte House and Ryan Giannini Park (RGP) and directing the Chalfonte Foundation as President and CEO. Jim proudly resides in the City of Detroit.


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