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The mission of the Chalfonte Foundation is to provide spiritual, psychosocial, recreational, financial and educational support for children, youth and other individuals and families in need.

Our Purposes

1To provide a safe, recreational and spiritual experience at Chalfonte House for special needs children and young adults, especially those with disabling or life-threatening diseases.


2To provide a place of peaceful reflection and respite in woods and meadow at Ryan Giannini Park (RGP) for invited guests and for the community.


3To provide an environment for renewal at Chalfonte House for:
  ~ Parents whose children have died,

                    ~ Parents and guardians with children with special needs,

                                               ~ Families and/or children in need of support,

                                                                    ~ Care-givers, relatives and supporters of children and families.


4To provide educational and developmental grants to children, youth and families in need to empower them in the development of their gifts and talents.


5To provide emergency funding for children, individuals and families in need locally and around the world.

To facilitate and support educational, recreational, psychosocial and spiritual activities and events at Chalfonte House and elsewhere to enhance the lives of children, youth, siblings and others who assist them.


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